the area of exposed skin between a crop top and a pair of high waisted shorts is sacred and magical

hello human you are here
you smell weird
I rub on u n sit on ur foot

Anonymous said: Did you have a good week last week?!



My boyfriend isn’t good with words one time he phrased something in such a way that it sounded like he was dying of an incurable disease and I cried hysterically until he rephrased it
Hands down the worst and best moment of my life lmao

12 more days of work and I hope they don’t drag on
I want to get up to school and make stuff


i love when people say my name cause its like hey thats me

all I can think of is the way you look when we’re in the shower - how you close your eyes tight, how your hands go searching, and how I love the way it feels to run my fingers through your soapy hair while we talk about plans and wrap each other up and decide what to order for takeout

Day 2 of my drawing a day thing
A very fuzzy bunny

Anonymous said: damn i thought you were gay 2

sry 2 disappoint